Guatemala City North Mission

...let us labor diligently: for if we should cease to labor, we should be brought under condemnation for we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God. Moroni 9:6

Monday, December 28, 2009

Pastorella in Coban

For the 4th consecutive year the Coban saints sponsored a “Pastorella”, which is a live nativity using real animals and people to depict Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem. Our missionaries, in the area, participated in dress as well as in the choir. They had about 200 people gather at Central Park and walk about 1 mile towards a shopping center where the city stopped all traffic to allow the procession to pass. A program was presented by the Coban Stake telling the nativity story to all in attendance in the mall. It received local and national news coverage. (see complete slide show to the right)

Burning the Devil

Here in Guatemala they have a quaint custom on Dec 7th, which just happened to be our change day, where they burn the "old to make room for the new." They collect their trash and throw in a piñata that looks like the Devil and call it "Burn the Devil" day. Some of the Devils are real works of art. They even have dancers dressed in Devil outfits who wear fireworks to simulate the burning. Scary but fun!

Welcome to our world

As with every mission change day, we always a have a new group of faithful new young people, ready to "embark in the service of God," Our new missionareis are Elders Daun, Davis, Peterson, and Sisters Mitchell, Caceres, Rodas, Cajti, Vasquez, Salazar, Castillo and Gonzalez. Bienvenidos!

Home for Christmas

The missionaries who made it home for Christmas after having fulfilled a successful mission were Elder Belliston, Elder Ocampo, Miner, Cordobas, Roberto Martinez, Jake Hansen, Elder Swensen, Sisters Delis Hernandez, Lott, Menocal and Sister Balderomar. Feliz Navidad

Friday, November 27, 2009

Elder Costa's visit

After the Presidents seminar Elder Costa took the time to address the missionaries who were serving in the Guatemala City area. This also included the missionaries from the other two missions, South and Central. It was wonderful for our missionaries to see some of their friends made when they were in the MTC. Elder Costa shared personal insights from the time when he was a mission president and bore strong testimony of the truth which is the Restored Gospel message.

Cooking up a storm

In an effort to help the missionaries stay healthy and learn skills that will help them even after the mission Sister Torres took her cooking demonstration on the road. She presented 14 demonstrations that included tips on budgeting, shopping, safely preparing food and some basic ideas on making Quick meals that will “please the eye and gladden the heart”. D&C 59:18,19. French Toast anyone?

Missionary Workshops

Each Zone Conference we offer a variety of workshops to help the missionaries train in strengthening skills that will make them more effective teachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Preach My Gospel is our main text along with the scriptures. The following workshop was presented by our Assistants based on the theme taken from Luke 14: 28-32 on the need to plan for a successful outcome.

President's Seminar 2009

This year we were blessed to be trained by Elder Anderson of the Quorum of the twelve and Elder Costa of the 70’s presidency as well as by our Area Presidency Elder Clarke, Elder Falabella and Elder Martino. We did a Temple session in Guatemala with all the other Presidents who serve in Central America on our fist day. Afterwards we went together by bus to the our lodging which was a place near Antigua called “La Reunion.” The area was surrounded by volcanoes, beautiful singing birds and lush lawns. The most humbling of all, was our experience to be taught by men of God on how best to fulfill our calling

Building Zion, one leader at a time

Strengthening the District Presidencies was the objective of our training. On Oct 23rd the Presidencies were trained on basics of administration, ministering and doctrine. They were thanked for their service and even went bowling for the first time. It was fun to see the brethren from Polochic become pretty good at rolling the ball. We hoped to build God’s Kingdom, one priesthood leader at a time.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Black hands, happy hearts

The Elders in the Petén Zone thought of a wonderful way to bring the shine of the gospel to the people of La Libertad, by offering FREE shoe shines. As they buffed their shoes and boots, they let the gospel's truths add a shine to their life. They came away with black hands, happy hearts for having served the people and 21 referrals of souls to teach.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Bible in Guatemala

Coinciding with Guatemala’s Independence Day was the beginning of the sale of the Church's published Bible here. September 15th was the first day the book was going to be made available. We had change day so by the time we arrived in the afternoon, hoping to purchase our book, the books had sold out. The Distribution staff told us that they had people lined-up at 6am in the morning waiting for the doors to open so they could be among the first to have a copy. We managed to purchase prepaid a few boxes that we planned to take to the missionaries located outside the city and those surrounding the capital. We sold them at cost and made them available to those missionaries who wanted them. Many missionaries purchased numerous books to give as gifts to their investigators. Everywhere we went we felt the excitement that having this long awaited book, finally in our hands. We know that it is a blessing to all Spanish speaking peoples and we humbly thank God and all the many people who made this miracle possible.

Two New Chapels in Peten

Two new beautiful Chapels were completed and dedicated on Oct 11th by President Torres. These buildings are gifts to the members as well as the community, since their aesthetic appearance improves every neighborhood where they are located. Open Houses were held so that the neighbors could freely come and see the interiors. The chapels are located in San Andres and Santa Elena.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That all things to be done in Order

Our missionaries have regular "inspections" of their dwellings. For the most part they do their best to keep them neat and in order. Here are some of the most resent apartments. San Luis, Petén, Dolores, Petén and Alameda. Good job Elders! "For the Spirit can not dwell in any unclean thing." (see slide show for more photos)

When ye are in the service of your fellowman, ye are in the service of your God

Our missionaries in the Peten Zone and the city missionaries were busy helping with service to their respective communities. Cleaning the surrounding beautiful Lake Itza in Peten of trash as well as packing food that the Church humanitarian department sent to help alleviate the hunger here in Guatemala City.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mission Leadership

A vital aspect of any mission is strength of its leaders. Our Zone Leaders do much to keep our organization moving forward in the way we hope is pleasing to our Savior, for we know that this work that we do each day is His. The leaders meet once a month in the Capital to receive instruction from the Presidant and each other as well as share ideas to help us meet our mission objective to "invite others to Come unto Christ." We also have a lot of fun as to "enjoy the journey."

Labor, not only for productive accomplishment, but for its capacity to ennoble the soul and strengthen the character

The new "laborers" to our mission are Elders Escate, Fernandez, Gabriel Garcia, Luis Martinez, Eric Morales, Rolin, Housley, and Sisters Barillas, Echeverria, and Varela. We had a fine meal of "Pollo a la Mexicana" and a wonderful orientation to get them started in a positive manner here in the mission field.